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We now offer a wide range of aluminium gates and fence panels in tubular aluminium. Unlike their steel counterparts, aluminium will not rust and the powdercoated finish will never need painting! Available in a range of standard fit sizes or made to your specific measurements. Cost effective and easy to handle and install, these iems are perfect for DIY jobs and home handypeople! There is also a limited range of styles, sizes, and colours available at promotional prices for the budget conscious.


FlatTopDecoAccessGateS   RingandScrollDecoAccessGateS  LoopTopDecoAccessGateS   LoopandSpearAccessGateS   IntermittentRingAccessGateS

FLAT TOP: Available in Primrose or Black

RING & SCROLL: Available in Black only

LOOP TOP: Available in Primrose or Black

LOOP & SPEAR: Available in Primrose only

INTERMITTENT RING: Available in Black only.

These items are available in

FENCE PANELS: 900H x 3000W mm or 1200H x 3000W mm    from $150

ACCESS GATES: 900H x 890W mm  or 1200H x 890Wmm  from $99

DRIVEWAY GATES: 900H x 1460W mm or 1200H x 1460W mm from $300 per pair

All Promo items are also available as standard items in assorted sizes and colours.


ArchedSpearDecoAccessGate  BlairDecorativeAccessGate ChiltonDecorativeAccessGate  ContRingDecorativeAccessGate  HiLoRodTodDecorativeAccessGate  IntermittentDiamondDecorativeAccessGate  JadeDecorativeAccessGate 
 Arch Spear* Blair* Chilton* Continuous Ring*  Hi Lo Rod*  Intermittent Diamond*  Jade*
RingandCrossDecoAccessGate  RodtopDecoAccessGate Hi-LowSpearTop

 Ring & Cross* Rod Top* Hi Lo Spear* Open Rail*  Deco Elite Classic# Deco Elite Waratah#  

*All available in Standard Heights of 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm or 1800mm. Standard Widths of 890mm & 1460mm for gates, 2400mm & 3000mm for fence panels. All items also available in custom heights & widths. Wide range of colours.

# Available in 1500/1800mm or 1800/2100mm Heights ONLY. Standard Widths of 1020mm, 1500mm & 1980mm for gates and 2380mm for fence panels. Custom widths available on some items. Standard colours Primrose & Black available at Promotional prices. Other colours available at premium price.

Please contact us for full price details.



 We offer a range of Colorbond® products for your gate and fencing needs. Suitable for DIY installations or we can install for you. 

colorbond-double-gates-with-lattice    catalogue-colorbond-gates  catalogue-colorbond-panels  ColorbondGateTwoTone  ColorbondGateS  slattice-gate-s

    CP2S              CR2S          CGSS          CS1S         colorbond gates


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